Are chachi and ian dating 2016

She gets to say goodbye to her former love and now best friend.

I cried during a lot of moments." MORE: Miley Cyrus, Nina Dobrev, and More Stars Doing Yoga Poses That Look Really Painful Though she's mainly known for her television work, Nina appeared alongside Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly in 2011's .

Ian is now married to actress Nikki Reed, and the couple is expecting their first child together.

In February, Ian shot down rumors that there was bad blood between his ex and his wife. Let's stop spreading hate everyone, there's already too much of that right now in our world. Only love here — always has been always will be,” he wrote on Instagram next to a photo of the trio grabbing dinner. She began her career at the age of 17, appearing in — though it sounds like she wouldn't return for a reboot.

I guess the whole thing started back last year after ABDC ended.

Chachi was gaining tons of followers on twitter and anyone who she tweeted instantly got a bunch of new followers as well.

The first time I paid any real attention to their tweets to each other was when Ian tweeted chachi saying that her KDBs kept following him and were breaking his phone with notifications.

People used to tweet him asking if he was her bf, but he ignored all those tweets.

Olivia Irene Gonzales (born January 23, 1996), better known as Chachi Gonzales, is an American dancer, choreographer and occasional actress.

I get that she wouldn't get anything from hacking chachi's accounts but she did release Brandon's number back in 2011 for going on a date with another girl.

Dom didn't get anything out of it and it was simply nothing more than petty, but she still did it.

One of the crews there was Marvelous Motion, whose members (Phillip Chbeeb, Di Zhang and Brandon Harrell) would later become her fellow crew members in I.a M.m E.

Gonzales became immediately intrigued and decided to participate in hip hop from then on.

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