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Macy), the release of Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) from juvenile detention, and a seriously questionable decision from Debbie (Emma Kenney), who's slid so far down this slippery slope of hers that she no longer resembles the intelligent character she used to be.

She is so determined to be in love, so determined to be part of a loving, normal family, that she not only lied to Fiona (Emmy Rossum) about being pregnant, but she didn't see the panicked look on the face of her baby daddy, which telegraphed that he was about to bail.

often gets written off as a guilty pleasure—glance over at the television while someone else is watching and you’re likely to see a debauch of some kind or another.

Sex, violence, addiction, and depravity are the show’s rallying cry.

Ian was comfortable in his sexuality, but Mickey couldn't accept that aspect of himself and it manifested as quiet self-loathing, no doubt a product of the environment in which he was raised.

This internal conflict is what made his progression from violent and seemingly unfeeling thug to a real person you could empathize with a fascinating coming out story.

Prompt: Mickey is the nerd of the school, top of the class, and his boyfriend is the quarterback of the school's football team.

Everyone loves him except for Ian who is the school bad boy, always in trouble, in and out of juvie.

Both parts of the series take place at roughly the same time.

But somewhere in the cracks, is now wrapping up its fourth and strongest season.

With spotlight stealers like patriarch Frank Gallagher (William H.

Showtime's Shameless returned for its sixth season on Sunday as frustrating as ever.

"I Only Miss Her When I'm Breathing" featured more predictably appalling behavior from Frank (William H.

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