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The last 5 to 10 years has seen a huge explosion of quality webcomics of all varieties becoming available on the web mostly for free.There is stuff aimed at teens, and stuff for adults.You're currently surfing the Wapsi Square archives.The comic that deals with relationships, single life, mythical monsters, muscular women, bra shops, cigars, real ale, fantasy rpg, microbrewery, bikinis, photography, dating, guitars, music, bands, night clubs, swing dancing Equal parts comics and commentary, Penny Arcade features Tycho and Gabe, the alter egos of creators Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins.Conflicts between nations, between magic, nature, and society, between mankind and dragons, and even between brethren.Join the young priest Jerome and his companions as they journey to make the world a better place and discover that perhaps the reason the world hasn't changed is that it takes the wrong kind of person to change it...Stuff dripping testosterone, and stuff seeped in estrogen. There is fantasy, superheroes, science-fiction, romance, steampunk, erotica, mysteries, zombies, biography, every genre you can think of, and stuff that resolutely defies genre.I am thoroughly convinced that in coming decades, regular folk and literature professors alike will look back on this as time when the artistic flowering of America and other places often went through webcomics, much as we see the 30s and 40s as the golden age of comic books …

Blood [4] - Blue [2] - Blush [146] shows happiness / embarrassment / emotion Book [3] - Bookshop [2] - Booze [1] - Boston [6] US city Boston Logan [3] Boston Logan airport, identified by the twin pillar control tower Bowling Alley [1] - Boy A [2] fan of Fuller parties Boy B [1] - Boys Locker [1] school changing room for sports Bra [7] - Brain [1] - Breakfast [3] - Breakfast Anytime [7] ill-named diner (only open 5am-midnight) Brent [37] Brent Westcott, racer from Falmouth, at college in California with James; drives an M3, licence HNDA ETR Brent Car [3] see M3 Brent House [1] where Brent lives on Cape Cod Bronwyn [37] Aiden’s psychic girlfriend; lives opposite his (parent’s) home Bronwyn Home [7] across the road from Aiden Home Bubbles [62] happy floaty background Bull [4] - Bumper Sticker [1] - Bunny [1] - Bunny Suit [1] - Burger Barn [3] - Burglar [1] - Burt [22] Burt Clayton, car & parts sales Burts Yard [19] one place where Burt does business Butter Cream Icing [1] - CFS [25] Celestial Filing System (properly the ).

I really wish more people read more webcomics, so I'm trying to write up some basic notes on some of my favorites.

There are two basic ways to read web-comics, you can keep up with them or you can binge.

6 Gun Mage was in the to-be-reviewed section of the BWW forum. Let me give you my first few notes on this webcomic, so that you may adequately understand exactly where I found the downfall to be.

Okay, so this is the downfall because by this time you know you're in for a long, dreary, life draining haul.

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