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It was astonishing, all the footages belong to commoners including a baby in a cot, a school boy playing on his computer at home, another boy asleep on the bed, an old woman relaxing on her chair and two men sharing a meal in the kitchen.

Seemetrix is a web-based analytics service that provides digital signage content distributors and retailers with insight into advertising consumption and consumer behavior.

By collecting anonymous audience data (gender, age group, attention time and emotions) from digital signage, advertising effectiveness can be easily analyzed using descriptive diagrams and graphs from the statistics dashboard in your personal account.

The aim behind the invasion is not certain, since the victims are commoners and there were no such activities that attract viewers.

But, this should be a wake-up call to anyone who has cameras installed in their home or office. Though, it’s not a permanent solution but, believe me, it works.

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