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So thank you very much, and I really, really, really hope you have a good time tonight.” Click through our Party Lines slideshow for more celebrity quotes.

Much has been made about the predictable partisan split between presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on issues of science and public policy. Can Americans really be that far apart in terms of science?

(Twitter) An eastern Ontario MPP has apologized after facing sharp criticism from across the political spectrum for making a "vulgar" joke involving his federal counterpart and her husband in front of a crowd of people.

Jack Mac Laren, the Progressive Conservative MPP for Carleton-Mississippi Mills, was speaking at a "men's night" cancer charity fundraiser on March 24 in the rural Ottawa community of Carp when he directed the joke at Karen Mc Crimmon, the federal MP for Kanata-Carleton.

That liberals and conservatives have different opinions toward science is taken as a given.

Typically, conservatives are painted as anti-science, with some studies suggesting their mistrust of science is increasing.

Senators debated her nomination for more than an hour before holding a roll call vote.

Ranking Member Patty Murray (D-WA) called into question the validity of the 12-11 vote in favor of Mrs.

At the top of the Republican presidential ticket is Donald Trump, who has called climate change a Chinese hoax and is on the record as supporting any number of other conspiracy theories.His appointment of Le Maire as economy minister and fellow Republicans MP Gerald Darmanin as public accounts minister was seen as an attempt to neuter his right-wing opponents, still reeling from their defeat in the presidential vote.Republicans secretary general, Bernard Accoyer, said Le Maire and Darmanin had been excluded from the party for accepting Macron’s outstretched hand and accused Macron of trying to “sew up the democratic debate” by poaching from his rivals."Somebody turned to me and said, 'That's not good'.I didn't truly hear what Jack had said, but I knew that it wasn't good by the reaction of everybody else." Mc Crimmon, the first woman to command a Canadian Forces flying squadron, said she experienced vulgarity and sexism during her time in the military.

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