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1) Right-clicking a username lets you adjust the voice volume of each user individually. (default theme is white, and quite hard on the eyes) Changing it to the black/grey theme might just save you. How about stopping by Ustill where folks just want to meet after hours. Also, the Final Boss seem to have an aura that makes any person insane... Normalizens must get rid of Insane Fools out there who try to attack them. Insane Fools are random because they want to be random, so Normalizens must expect for the worst. In late game, there will come Insane Freaks that are ranged. The 2nd one is an expansion that is building a completely new camp in some place. You need some kind of defense to even pull through building a new camp. Starting to research new upgrades can become futile. With this, Lumber and Gold can all become as 1 type of currency. Normalizens will win if the Insanes give up because they got bored of it or when the Final Boss is killed. I am going to update the screenshots using v4.1 version. You must place buildings that are least used near the walls so that you lose only a little speck of progression. Offensive units won't be able to attack on blind spots. It can help, but it's better to focus what you have maximized by now. There is unity and serenity within the hearts of Wood and Money! With the Insane Fools getting more insane each second, you have to check your camp regularly. Especially if you are still awake and looking to meet someone. Once the chat program loads, it is fast and easy to use. More Sport's Chat The Underground Hip-Hop Chat This hip-hop chat site is brought to you by Underground Hip Hop. Visit our Music Search Page State of Insanity This chatroom location is run by the 'citizens' of 'State of Insanity.' Chat tends towards fantasy and the strange... Lot's of features, numerous chatrooms (you can even create your own).

(but then better) This Discord is especially and officially made for Insanity Flyff. There is a mobile phone application, a browser application and a regular Windows application.

Even with that said, there is still one goal that the Normalizens have: To survive and defeat the Final Boss, whoever the boss is. The Insanes have successfully destroyed the player's camp. These trees also block your view, especially those large ones! 3 by 3 Walls are enough to fill your camp with a Hall, 6 Lumber Mills and 2 Towers. You must place your buildings well to maximize the small space that you have, and to also have pathways for your builders to travel to easily. Anyway, the 1st one is an expansion which is extending your base from a direction. At this point, you should be mass producing units to kill the Final Boss, and to reduce stress from your camp/s. You need to reserve a space for these, since this can become cloggy. Alarm sound effects are made by fongcheng4 and audiomicro. ( Dwarf Cavalry Model is made by Radagast.

It is the end if All the Normalizens' Main Builders died, as it is their leader. To give a summary: Normalizens can discuss which mode fits them. Normalizens can give units to others, except to the Insane Folks. In the Pv P world, you can use these trees to your advantage . Just 1 space gap is fine; all units except the mechanical ones fit through that gap. There are two kinds of expansions: the 1st one and the 2nd one. For example, you could either build walls outside of your camp which is just connected from your camp. Researches take time to finish, and you wouldn't want the Insane Freaks to continuously get stronger without you getting stronger as well! • Research only what you have researched with a progress of 70% and up. ( Pickaxe sounds are made by Benboncan and an unknown artist.

This video is just over a minute long, and it’s mostly blurry and indistinct.

A much longer and clearer version has been posted in various places around the Internet, and we strongly advise against trying to find it—many who have sought it out wish they had not.

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