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Among the speakers was the famous Egyptian actor and activist Khaled Abol Naga, who expressed his admiration for the initiative and added: “There are three taboos in Egypt: politics, religion and sex.

The Egyptians where able to break the first two and I’m positive about the fact that the people in the street will break the third taboo soon.” Participants working in the areas of media, reproductive health, development and youth work, joined the event and shared their experiences in the field.

The interview reviews Abol Naga's life and work, exploring his varied interests and tapping into his indomitable enthusiasm.

On Wednesday the 5th of March the Netherlands-Flemish Institute opened its doors for the launch event of the new website ‘Love Matters Arabic’.

But it also has enough viewpoints and stories within stories to smack of the .

And it makes an epic statement on the moral hopelessness of humanity.

After some lively discussions, there was time for a break and the screening of the Egyptian short film ‘Libido’ which addresses the problem of the lack of sexual education for young people in Egypt.

Abir Serras, coordinator of Love Matters Arabic, introduced us to the website with a nice presentation and some interesting numbers.

The father, though having intimations of his son’s disregard for god and tradition, never learns of the contribution the butcher’s shop makes to his son’s sex life, which had up to the point of its founding been restricted to self love and the perfunctory pleasure offered by communal bath attendant and prostitute Halima.

I picked it up because, when I found out about the author, I read that Harper Collins paid him a million-dollar advance for his second novel.

This made me very curious, especially since the (now abandoned) working title for my current project was , which shows more visceral knowledge of the city, but with the same intense awareness of its sounds and smells.

The trouble is primarily personified by his father, a religious judge and stern patriarch, whose strictures are Islamic in flavor, but familiar to patriarchic family life everywhere.

The father who rarely communicates with his son other than to admonish, resents his son’s wanting to become a butcher, having ideas for a more respectable profession for Thami, before coming around to establishing a stall of a butcher’s shop for Thami in Casablanca’s Medina (the old city) market, enabling himself to exert control over his son’s life as he grows into manhood.

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